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Michele Gunn

Who is Michele Gunn?

Michele has taken the traditional path in life; graduating college and moving on to a career.  Although she has excelled in each path she has chosen, she never felt fulfilled and often would end up bored as each new challenge was conquered. 

Michele would often volunteer at different organizations which provided her some feeling of contentment, but still, something was lacking. It was not until she had taken the CliftonStrengths® assessment and received her results that everything became more clear! Her top 5 CliftonStrengths® are: Belief®,  Responsibility®, Input®, Developer®, and Arranger®.  Michele needs to work with people and receives great satisfaction when they succeed. 

Through her coaching certification, Michele has finally uncovered her purpose: to help people who feel stuck or lost find and live their purpose.


Wouldn't you like to find yours?

What I Have to Offer

Besides my lived experiences and education, I have a passion for helping people. It gives me great pleasure watching people realize their value and utilizing it to be successful in all aspects of life. Your success is my success.

Independent Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Utilizing CliftonStrengths® , I can help you claim your talents and determine what you have developed into strengths. This method is a quick way for you to receive affirmation of self and provides a strong foundation for growth and problem solving. My top ten strengths that I have to offer are Belief®, Responsibility®, Developer®, Input®, Arranger®, Communication®, Connectedness®, Learner®, Intellection® and Woo®.


NSight Executive Success Assessment Certified Coach

Utilizing the NSight Executive Assessment, we can determine both your work-related and interpersonal preferences and characteristics to assist you in preparing for both work and life advancement. Utilizing the complete process, together we will prepare a development plan and see it through.

Let's work together so you can cultivate and thrive to be a better you!

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