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Michele is a great strengths coach to work with. The sessions are very precise and tailor made. She helps to understand the key benefits of each strength and how to maximise the benefits! The timing is flexible and often session extends beyond the allocated time, which is unlike many other coaches out there who refuse to answer beyond the scheduled time. Overall the sessions are fun, informative and beneficial. Shreyas

it's been an honor to work with Michele! She guided me through the Clifton Strengths test and broke down my top 5 strengths once I completed it. Michele got me in touch with a mutual connection to get help with my resume and it was a great success! Michele is truly a professional and a wonderful person! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to help me! Joseph C.

As a Testimonial to anyone considering this I found that after doing the Clifton Strengths, for me anyway, It was an eye-opener into myself. The internal thinking I took for granted was laid out in front of me and it just clicked. My strengths and challenges all made sense. I understood more how I approached things in my life and in my work. What I internally put importance to and priority over things I just pushed aside, with that understanding, it opened a new door for myself and, I think it made me, a better employee, husband, and man.   Gary G

I have worked with this coach personally and with her help I am able to work through my personal challenges to make me a better "ME"! This can apply to you in SO many aspects, personal, business etc. So do please check it out--YOU DESERVE IT!  Suzanne S.

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