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Are you a quitter or a failure?

Sometimes in life, people just give up. They quit. Why? Have they chosen the wrong journey? Are they looking for the wrong outcome? Do they just believe they can't do it?

What do you do?

When you choose to accomplish something whether it is earning a promotion, receiving a raise, learn a hobby, making a move or even switching careers, do you consider all of the possibilities? Do you just decide that you want something and do it?

It is more prudent to have a plan after considering what you want and why. Sometimes when we take a good, hard look at what we THINK we want, we determine what we really want, or NEED.

First, know YOU.

Take some time to invest in yourself. Get to know yourself. I recommend considering two assessments. The final determination depends on the desired outcome.


First is the CliftonStrengths® assessment. This assessment uncovers your unique rank order of 34 CliftonStrengths® Talent Themes. I highly recommend the all 34 report to get a complete picture of who you are to the core. This scientifically proven assessment will provide an overview of which Talent Themes® you have invested in to become strengths. These tell you how you do things, how you think and make decisions. It affirms what things you do well naturally.

This assessment will give you a clear affirmation of who you innately are. Using this tool will lay a foundation of understanding to assist with decision making both on the outcome desired and on which steps will be successful in getting there.

This assessment can be taken by anyone through

NSight Success Assessment

The second one is NSight Success Assessment. This assessment is an evidence-based, fully-validated instrument that offers a holistic and well-rounded picture of your skills and temperament, illuminating both aptitude and personality success factors.

The factors this assessment addresses are Aptitude, Decision-making, Drive, Stress, Communication, Leadership and Commitment. Aptitude measures your style of reasoning, our verbal and numerical tools, and ability to recognize patterns and pay attention to detail. Decision-making measures how you use emotion, intuition, logic, practicality, imagination, and empathy to solve problems. Drive measures your security, recognition, cooperation, competition, safety, and risk-taking needs that motivate us toward shared goals. Stress measures how you interpret and perform in response to inevitable challenge, frustration, and ambiguity. Communication measures how you prefer to interact with others and with organizations, and how others perceive us. Leadership measures how you prefer to lead and to be led, which includes how you orient yourself to conflict, power, and trust. And finally, Commitment measures your loyalty and persistence with organizations, teams, and your own goals and projects.

A certified coach needs to administer this assessment and its results.

What's next?

Really it is, what's first?

Although, to take the CliftonStrengths® assessment, you don't need a coach, it is wise to already have found a coach to work with. A Gallup Certified Strengths Coach is the best choice since this coach has been both trained and certified by Gallup not only on the definitions they use, but also understanding and utilizing the concepts in a way to render results.

In either case, a certified coach has undergone the education, testing and practice of using the assessment to render results in the best interest of you, the client. A certified coach has tools to utilize to assist you in determining what it is you truly want/need and the best path to get there.

The next step is developing a plan. Your coach does not develop the plan for you. You work together, after getting to KNOW you, to create a plan. That plan can be for personal or professional development as well as attaining or achieving a particular objective.

Here is where we get to again ask: Are you a quitter or a failure?

With a coach along for the journey, you have a definite desired outcome along with a plan. The coach will have tools to utilize to assist you in decision-making. Best of all, they can be your accountability partner. Realize that you have to commit and do the work.

Chances are very low that you will quit when working with a coach. No quitting, no failures. You may still have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. In fact, you should. Reach out to a coach today to start on your new journey! If you think we would be a good fit, I would love to chat!

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