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How do you Embrace your True Self?

A commonly asked question is: How do you embrace your true self? Well, it is not an easy answer. Wait, yes, the answer is easy, but it does take work and commitment.

We often think this is a difficult and complicated task, when it only takes a open mind, an open heart and commitment! All of these things are important. Without one, it will be hard to bear fruit.


You must know yourself to embrace, accept and love yourself. How do you know yourself?


The first step is knowing yourself. You must know yourself to embrace, accept and love yourself. How do you know yourself? There are many avenues you can take. Quick ways would be to take assessments, but which one is right for you? I recommend the CliftonStrengths Assessment. This assessment unveils what your unique powers are, kind of like a talent DNA. It doesn’t tell you what you should do, but how you innately do things. Knowing these can help you uniquely tackle challenges and projects. This assessment also provides an affirmation of who you may already know you are. It also sheds a bright light, bringing out what is right about your talents when you may have been told they are negative aspects of you.

Once you know yourself, you can begin to develop talents that are already part of who you uniquely are. You will gain insight on where to build knowledge and skills to either develop confidence or to build upon it. You can turn negative attributes into positive ones by learning how to “aim” your talents. Having them and using them wisely is not the same thing!

Another avenue for embracing self, is self-affirmations. Choose 3 words that describe what is best about you. It can be something you know, or it can be things others have admired about you or have complimented you on. These affirmations should be posted where you would see them regularly, preferably first thing in the morning, like a mirror in the bathroom. You need to proclaim that you are these things out loud at least every morning. You can set reminders on your phone to say them. Make a voice recording of yourself saying them and play it out loud. Print them out with an inspirational image and post it in your office or bedroom. Stick them on the fridge! There are many ways you can incorporate them!

These two suggestions are great steps in embracing your true self. Know that you are unique and add value to everything you do.

If you need help knowing and/or embracing yourself, consider working with a coach. Got started but lack follow though? You need accountability!

Let’s talk!

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