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Faithfully Female: Navigating Personal and Professional Life as a Christian Woman


Understanding Faith and Identity

   Faith is part of who you are. It is not something you can separate from aspects of your life or your identity. Your faith has a role in both your professional and personal life. When you are firm in your faith, it shows in how you treat people. It shows in the words you speak. It shows in your priorities.

  Being a Christian woman, you have a unique identity. Not only are you often the spiritual anchor of the family, you often have multiple roles in life. You are wife, mother, friend, daughter, aunt, and employee. Living in faith, you are a role model for others. Women are often more religiously affiliated and engaged in spiritual practices compared to men. They may demonstrate higher levels of religiosity in terms of belief in God, attendance at religious services, and adherence to religious teachings. This can be a big responsibility.

Often times, society sees the role of a woman in faith as supportive at best. In many religious traditions, women are underrepresented in formal leadership roles such as clergy, pastors, and priests. In some branches of Christianity, women may be ordained as ministers or priests, but their numbers may still be lower compared to men. In reality, even when forced into a supportive role, women do more leading, inviting and creating in their faith community. Women are often first to step-up and volunteer when there is a need. They also encourage the men to give of their time and talent.



Personal Faith Practices

   When navigating your personal and professional life as a Christian woman, it is important to maintain daily spiritual disciplines, to nurture a personal relationship with God and overcome any challenges and doubts in your faith journey.

Daily spiritual disciplines will have a positive, calming and reassuring impact in your life. These practices can include personal prayer, group prayer, meditation, attending faith services, attending spiritual community events and volunteering. Find what works for you. Where do your talents lie? What brings fulfillment? What helps you grow in your faith?

   Regular prayer and attending religious services both help to nurture your personal relationship with God. Remember Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them" (NRSV).

   Life brings challenges and doubts in a faith journey. They are expected, after all, you are human. What matters is how you deal with challenges and doubts. Use these to help you grow. Some suggestions are having a spiritual director, talk to a pastor or priest, share with a group of people in your faith community. Small groups often provide support and encouragement for the members. Surrounding yourself with people of the same faith helps strengthen you.


Integrating Faith into Professional Life

   Many times professional lives put clear boundaries in bringing your faith into the workplace. Remember that your faith is not separate from who you are. You can live your faith by maintaining integrity and values in the workplace, balancing ambition with faith principles and handling ethical dilemmas and standing firm in convictions. People will know your faith by who you are, what you say and what you do.


Empowering Relationships and Community

  Live your faith by building supportive networks within the faith community. This is easily accomplished by volunteering and joining small groups. You can also take a lead role in religious services.

Navigate relationships with colleagues and peers in such a way that they know you can be trusted. They can be authentically themselves in your presence. Foster mentorship and accountability partnerships in both your professional life as well as your personal life.


Overcoming Challenges and Resilience

   Christian women often face obstacles and challenges that include personal and societal expectations. Being firm in your faith identity will help overcome challenges. Draw strength from faith during trials and setbacks. Cultivate resilience through your trust in God's plan for you. Reach out for support when needed. Support can be given my friends, family, colleagues and professionals such as counselors, doctors and life coaches.


Impacting the World with Faith

  You have the power within you to impact the world with faith. Embrace opportunities for service and living your purpose. Use professional platforms to positively influence others. Live out the values of compassion, justice, and love in everything you do! Go and make a difference!

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