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Why I use CliftonStrengths® in Coaching

Some of you may wonder why I have chosen to use CliftonStrengths as a lead tool in coaching. There are

many reas

ons. When I took the assessment, it was an eye opening affirmation of who I am and where my passions lie. It is true that we can learn many skills, but to be truly happy and fulfilled, we need to be utilizing the talents we have developed into strengths!

This quote from Don Clifton really sums up my

views in life, "What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them." Thinking about how I was raised and how schools teach, reminds us of how we try "to fix" everyone. We insist they learn to do things a certain way. We insist they learn skills that do not come easy to them. This really sets people up for failure. We have other options.

We are all naturally gifted in our own way. Developing our natural skills and talents makes us the best person we can be. When we invest in these skills and talents, we will find joy in life, personally and professionally. Another great Don Clifton quote is, "We are always stronger when we have our successes and strengths clearly in mind." That means focusing on what is right with us to make it better.

Another Don Clifton quote to help understand CliftonStrengths and the theory behind it is, "Knowledge consists of the facts and lessons learned. Skills are the steps of an activity. These three-talents, knowledge, and skills-combine to create your strengths." So we are born with raw talents that can be developed into strengths. Immature talents can lead to a negative outcome. It is ideal to manage both.

There are 34 Talent Themes in CliftonStrengths. Talent Themes are a category of talents! When used to result in perfect or near perfect results, they are strengths. We are so unique that to find some

one with the exact same top 5 Talent Themes in the exact same order is a 1 in 33 million chance! We are truly unique.

During coaching sessions, I have helped people understand that they do have value. People have understood what their talents are and how to use them to overcome obstacles, make decisions and just be their best for themselves and everyone around them. No, I do not have to utilize CliftonStrengths to coach, but the results of the person truly understanding who they are and what is so right with them is rewarding for both my client and myself.

I choose to coach people knowing that they are unique. They have a unique set of talents that is needed and wanted. They do not need to change who they are to be successful, they just need to understand who they are. CliftonStrengths is a tool that accomplishes that.

"The best coaches help others to open the door to their potential" ~Unknown

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